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Handcrafted Tiffany Lamps Liquidation Clearance Sale !

Check Out Our Prices on These Solid Brass and  
Stained Glass Tiffany Style Light Fixtures / Swag ( Swags ) / Table Lamp Shades !


Every Handcraftedlamps Tiffany style lamp shade is fully hand-crafted !
Any one of these Tiffany style Handcraftedlamps lamp shades can be used as a light fixture, portable swag ( plug-in swags ), and will also fit onto any 7" to 9" harp so that it could be used as a table lamp shade !
There are over 100 hand soldered joints in every hand crafted lamp shade.
These Tiffany Style Hand Crafted Lamps Never Need polishing!!!
Every handcraftedlamp shade is electro-plated antique brass and then hand buffed to preserve a beautiful finish and then individually laquered to prevent tarnishing.
There are no plastic parts used in any of these liquidator hand crafted stained glass Tiffany Style lamp shades.
These handmade Tiffany Style lamp shades are made with solid brass parts. The curved pieces of stained glass for these lamp shades have been kiln fired.
These same handcrafted lamps stained glass light fixtures shades in lighting stores and shops are selling for up to $250.00 & MORE!!!

All liquidated Handcraftedlampslamp shades are individually packaged and ready to go for

$45.40 per lamp shade !

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$45.40 per Lamp Shade
( Minimum combo order of 24 Lamp Shades = 1 skid )
(The above photos show a couple of samples of different Tiffany Style Lamps shades patterns that we carry!)

We have only 300 of these 16 inch diameter handmade liquidated stock of Tiffany Style Stained Glass Lamp Shades to supply
90 of the 18 "diameter lamp shades,
& 120 of the 13" diameter lamp shades remaining in stock!
( Minimum combo order of 24 Lamp Shades =1 skid )

Any of these Liquidated Clearance Tiffany Light Style handcrafted lamps can be converted into a swag light or lamp swags to plug in ( plugins ) as a table light or table lamp and also as a ceiling light fixture or ceiling light fixtures

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Attention: Handcraftedlamps Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Retailers ;

Special Electrics Option

For a nominal additional fee of $6.50 per light shade for the above liquidated Tiffany Style handcrafted light fixture shades, we will install the electrics into these Tiffany Style handcrafted light fixture shades where they will come with your choice either as:

1) An electric swag portable light hanging light shade with 15 feet of wire with a plug in, and 12 feet of chain along with a pull chain socket. This electric swag portable light shade wired are UL approved for up to a 300 watt light bulb. This is due to the open ventilation at the top part of the crown, stained glass parts and all solid brass metal parts, these electric Tiffany Style Glass light shades meet UL strict approval codes.

2) Also available these hand made electric Tiffany Style Light ceiling fixtures can come with 3 feet of wire and chain along with the ceiling canopy part to be used as a hanging electric ceiling light fixture. Again because of the high quailty of these handmade electric Tiffany Style light fixtures, and due to the American hand made stained glass parts used and solid brass metal parts used, these hanging ceiling light fixtures are again UL approved for up to a 300 watt light bulb.

Because stained glass and solid brass component parts used in these handcraftedlamps Tiffany Style Light fixtures, a high wattage light bulb may be used without the fear of any parts melting, since there are no plastic parts used in any of these Tiffany Style light / lamp shades.

Or if you choose just to purchase these Handcraftedlamps Tiffany Style lamp shades without the electrics, the lamp shade will fit over any standard sized 8" harp part can used as a Tiffany Style Lamp.

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This handmadelamps electrical ( swag lights ) or ( light fixtures ) lighting liquidators clearance webpage is made exclusively for Handcraftedlamps Inc, suppliers of light shade manufacturers to promote their handmade stained glass Tiffany Style stained glass lamp shades / light fixtures clearance sale for their Hand Crafted Lamps that are used as light fixtures, lamp shades and as portable swag lamp ( swags lamps ) plug in hanging light shades. These handcrafted Tiffanies stlye lamp light fixtures shades are for sale for a limited time only by purchasing large amounts and by buying in volume. ( Minimum 24 lamp Tiffanys shades )
Please note that these liquidated handcraftedlamps lighting lamp shade or shades can be made into an electrical swag lamp or swags lamps or as a ceiling light fixture, table lamp lamps or swag lights. We are clearance suppliers who liquidate lighting products to manufacturers wholesalers and retailers of lighting store products. If you want a liquidater supplier of finest quality stained glass lighting handcrafted Tiffany Style lamp shades lights, feel free to give us a call. We have been lamp shade suppliers to the lighting stores, manufacturers and wholesalers since 1979.

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